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I want to debunk common curl mythsUpdated a year ago

Air Drying is better than diffusing
Air drying can be more damaging as water swells the hair shaft and can cause the cuticles to lift.
All heat is bad
Diffusing on low heat, hovering a few inches away from your curls, can be less damaging than air drying.
You should never brush your curls
Brushing is totally fine if you use a conditioner
If I flat iron my hair once, my healthy hair journey is ruined
Of course not! Just make sure you use a lower heat and heat protection, and follow with a Bond Curl treatment to restore your curls' bounce
Seawater is a great styler for curly hair
Salt in seawater is extremely drying (not to mention all the pollutants the unfortunately live in our oceans!)
You need to clarify every time you go to the swimming pool
Clarifying or using a chelating shampoo too often qill dry your hair out. You can use a more moisturizing cleanser in between, but make sure to clarify weekly to remove the Build-up
UV protection is only for your skin
The scalp is skin too, and the hair shaft can be damaged by UV rays just the same.
Oiling your scalp is a great way to encourage hair growth
Bacteria on the scalp feed on oil, so adding more will make them grow and risk causing reactions like dandruff. If you want to use oil, do it as a pre-poo treatment instead or as a finisher on dry hair to break the gel cast and add shine!

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