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Volume Range

Our volume range products is based on an active technology enriched in lipids and amino- acids. Our unique technology is sourced with natural nourishing ingredients such as Linder Bud extract and Olive stem cell extract. Those ingredients were chosen

Hair Makeup

For a more natural look, apply the Hair Makeup on wet hair as this will allow an easier application and it will cover all locks evenly. For a more intense pop of color apply multiple layers at different drying times (wet hair, half dry, fully dry). M

Who is Curlsmith for?

Simply put EVERYONE!. All of our products can be used by any gender. We have many men who are proud Curlsmith ambassadors, you can see some of their pictures on our Instagram page. If you don’t like particularly sweet/fruity scents, check out our fra

Miracle Shield

Miracle Shield consists of a unique blend of ingredients that creates a barrier between you hair and protection against the hair’s harshest aggressors: heat, UV rays, sea water, chlorine, breakage and colour fading. The vegan thermal shield is what p

Detox Kit

Clarifying is key for healthy hair. A regular deep, thorough cleanse is fundamental in removing dirt and build-up from the scalp. If not removed, they can clog the hair follicles and affect shedding and hair growth. However, traditional clarifying sh

Bond Curl Rehab Salve

Our hair strength is defined by its internal structure, the so-called hair bonds. When hair is damaged, bonds may break and make it more vulnerable to external aggressors. Bond Curl is enriched in proteins and targets 3 hair bonds within the hair str

Defrizzion Dryer

Our dryer has been designed specifically with curls in mind and features a unique 360 airflow diffuser that wraps around each curl to ensure even drying. Our ionizing defrizzion technology smooths the cuticle, boosts shine, and eliminates the dehydra

What's the difference between the Frizz range products and other Frizz taming products in our ranges?

The key difference is the active complex used which drives the primary benefit. So while some other products may offer frizz control, their primary benefit might be different such as moisture or strength. This new range is focused primarily on contro