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What is the difference between your cleansers?

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What is the difference between your conditioners?

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What is the difference between your deep conditioners?

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What is the difference between your leave-in conditioners?

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What is the difference between your styling products?

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How do you use the Moisture Memory Reactivator?

Information about our Memory Reactivator

Do Elixir and Booster work for alopecia?

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I feel like the Conditioning Wash doesn’t clean my hair enough

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I feel the Wash and Scrub makes my hair too dry

Information about our Wash & Scrub

The products make my hair crunchy or give me a wet look

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How often should I use the Detox Kit?

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Are your products suitable for men?

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Are your products suitable for kids?

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Are your products suitable for pregnant/breastfeeding women?

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Does hair makeup work on dark/black hair?

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Does hair makeup stain blonde/white/bleached hair?

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Will hair makeup transfer onto my skin/clothes/furniture?

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Is the hair makeup safe to use often/every wash day?

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What’s the best way to apply hair makeup?

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My scalp is itchy/flaky, what do I do?

Information about our Scalp Product Range

Would Miracle Shield protect the scalp from sunburn, for those with low density hair?

Information about our Miracle Shield

Can you use Miracle Shield after washing out conditioner?

Information about our Miracle Shield

How does Miracle Shield protect your hair when straightening/blow drying?

Information about our Miracle Shield

What is the vegan thermal shield in Miracle Shield?

Information about our Miracle Shield

Should I use Bond Curl the day before I get my hair colored or wait until after?

Information about our Bond Curl Rehab Salve

How often should I use Bond Curl?

Information about our Bond Curl Rehab Salve

My hair feels dry after using Bond Curl

Information about our Bond Curl Rehab Salve

What's the difference between Essential Moisture and Curl Conditioning Wash?

Our Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash is a 2-in-1 shampoo with a conditioning base that offers a gentle cleanse. Using this product alone isn't enough to remove dirt and build-up from the scalp; therefore, we recommend interchanging with our Essential

Can I use the Essential Moisture conditioner every wash day?

Our Essential Moisture conditioner is suitable for frequent use but swaps out with our Double Cream Deep Quencher once a week for an intense moisture boost.

Can I purchase the attachments for the dryer separately?

All the attachments are specifically designed to fit onto our Difrizzion dryer; therefore, you can't purchase any attachments separately.

What's included with the dryer?

The box contains our supersonic hair dryer, diffuser, comb attachment, and nozzle.

How long is the cord of the dryer?

Our dryer has a 9ft power cord.

How big is the diffuser of the dryer?

Our diffuser is an impressive 8 inches.

How many settings does the dryer have?

The dryer has three heat settings, in addition to a cold shot button. High- fast drying. Medium- regular drying. Low- cool drying and diffusing. Cool shot button

Why is this dryer beneficial for curls?

Our dryer has been designed specifically with curls in mind and features a unique 360 airflow diffuser that wraps around each curl to ensure even drying. Our ionizing defrizzion technology smooths the cuticle, boosts shine, and eliminates the dehydra

How heavy is the dryer?

Our dryer weighs just under 2.5lbs.

What is the motor speed of the dryer?

This dryer operates at 2000W.

Is Effortless Waves only suitable for waves?

This product is designed to embrace natural waves, so use it on wavy hair for the best results.

Can you apply Effortless Waves to dry hair?

This product is designed to go on wet hair, do not apply it if your locks are dry.

Does Effortless Waves contain alcohol?


Can I apply Effortless Waves to my hair straight after washing and conditioning?

Apply Effortless Waves to the hair after your leave-in conditioner.

Does Effortless Waves provide a strong-hold?

Effortless Waves has a hold level of 3, which we describe as an invisible hold. It will enhance and define, resulting in soft frizz-free waves. There is no cast.

I like the results of Effortless Waves, but I would like more hold.

For more hold, we advise layering with a gel styler.

Route Parcel Protection (US optional insurance)

We’ve partnered with Route Protect to help protect your order against loss, damage, or theft while in transit to you. Now every order placed through our online store will have the option to add premium package protection and tracking services from Ro

Can you apply Flawless Finish to wet hair?

Both hairsprays are designed to go on your curls once 100% dry.

Will this hairspray makes my curls feel dry or sticky?

Our hairsprays do not contain drying alcohols or silicones; therefore, they will not dry out your curls.

What's the difference between the flexible hold and stronghold hairsprays?

Flexible hold provides a light hold and smooths flyaways while still allowing movement of your curls; suitable to use when wearing your curls down. Alternatively, the stronghold is suitable for updos to set the style in place and fight against frizz.

Do the hairsprays contain sulfates?

Sulfates are cleansing agents that we do not use in our Curlsmith shampoos/cleansers as they are thought to be too drying for textured hair. In our hairspray, one of the key polymer resins used for curl retention and hold contains a trace amount of s

Do you know if the hairsprays create flaking if you spray too close?

No, you will not experience flaking, but spray at least 7-9 inches from the hair for best results.

Do your hairsprays contain alcohol?

Our hairsprays do not contain any drying alcohol.

Are your hairsprays vegan?

Yes, they are.

Are your hairsprays cruelty-free?

Yes, they are.

Are your hairsprays safe for colored hair?


Do your hairsprays work on all types of curls?

Yes, both hairsprays are suitable for waves, curls, and coils.

What is the fragrance of the hairsprays?

An enchanting fruity fragrance infused with the irresistible aromas of juicy citrus, ripe berries, and underlying creamy notes of coconut milk and sheer musk.

Do the hairsprays protect against humidity?

Yes, our hairsprays offer high-humidity protection.

Can I use the hairsprays with styling creams/gels?

Yes, style your curls with your favorite Curlsmith styler and allow them to dry 100%, and then spray your tresses with the Flawless Finish to set your style.

Do I still need an adaptor for the Travel Dryer if it's dual voltage?

Yes, you do, but you will not need to use a voltage converter

How much does the Travel dryer cost?

US $139 CAD $189

How does the travel dryer fold down?

You push the dryer downwards so that it folds

Is the Travel dryer's packaging 100% recyclable?

The box is corrugated, but the printing techniques make it not recyclable. The master corrugate, tissue paper on the outer box packing, and the PET tray are recyclable.

How much does the travel dryer weigh?

Dryer weight is 485 g (without cord)

How powerful is the travel dryer?

Professional power of 1875w

How long is the travel dryer's cord?

Cord length 6ft

What is the maximum temperature of the travel dryer?

Maximum temperature is 200F

What should I do if my hair dryer is overheating?

Blocked or clogged air intake vents will cause your dryer to overheat. If this occurs, an automatic safety feature will shut the dryer down. Allow the dry to cool, clean the vent and then restart. To avoid blocked air vents, ensure that they are alwa

What's the difference between the Frizz Control Cleanser and the Essential Moisture Cleanser?

Our Frizz Control Cleanser hydrates the hair and tames frizz, whereas our Essential Moisture Cleanser's primary benefit is moisturizing and nourishing your curls while gently removing dirt.

Is the Frizz Control Cleanser suitable for all hair types?

It's suitable for all hair types and textures, even straight hair.

Is the Frizz Control Duo Conditioner suitable for all textures?

Yes, it's suitable for all textures, but it is best for fine to medium textures when using this product as a leave-in conditioner.

Can I use the Frizz Control Duo Conditioner as a hair mask?

Our conditioner is suitable to use as a regular rinse-out conditioner or a leave-in conditioner.

Will Frizz Rescue Curl Retainer leave a cast on my curls?

Yes, as the curls dry, a cast is formed to set them in place. Once 100% dry, scrunch the crunch with our Frizz Rescue Finishing Serum to reveal soft, bouncy curls.

What level of hold will I receive from the curl retainer?

Our Curl Retainer offers a medium hold. If you require more hold, layer one of our stronger hold stylers, such as the Shine Gel or In Shower Style Fixer.

Will the Frizz Rescue Finishing Serum weigh down my curls?

Our serum is suitable for all textures but best for those with medium to coarse textures.

Can I apply the Frizz Rescue Finishing Serum to my wet hair?

We advise using the serum on dry hair; however, it can also work when applied to wet hair.

What's the difference between the Frizz range products and other Frizz taming products in our ranges?

The key difference is the active complex used which drives the primary benefit. So while some other products may offer frizz control, their primary benefit might be different such as moisture or strength. This new range is focused primarily on contro

Volume Range

What are the key ingredients in your volume formula?. Our volume range products is based on an active technology enriched in lipids and amino- acids. Our unique technology is sourced with natural nourishing ingredients such as Linder Bud extract and